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HiveFit was founded on our personal standards and beliefs within the fitness industry. We are a husband and wife duo that both bring our strengths together to provide the best service and quality products. Raul has been actively coaching athletes and lifestyle clients since 2007 with proper nutrition and supplementation, manages the operations of our supplement line while Ashlyn works a little more behind the scenes with her accounting and finance background. Both of us have always had a passion for fitness and helping others. After years of training and research, we began to realize it was very difficult to align our fitness goals with our health goals. We wanted the perfect blend of ingredients while avoiding harsh unhealthy ones. We worked with our suppliers and manufacturer from all over the world to pick the purest and most natural ingredients while maintaining delicious taste and not breaking the budget. After lots of testing, brainstorming and saving, we were able to launch our supplement line in 2017 after a year and a half of sourcing and perfecting formulas.

We continue to manage our own operations, stay current with the latest research and know exactly where each ingredient comes from and its purity. We are proud to know we put our own sweat, tears, and joy into each package we ship. Our goal is to continue to improve year after year and build a team around us with the same values and beliefs, all while giving back to those that are less fortunate. We started the HiveFit Foundation 501(c)3 to help starving kids globally... Read more at


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