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About Us

We are simply based on obtaining true Health and Wellness! We want to inspire healthier living by connecting people to therapies that can heal, optimize health, and maintain health and vitality into old age. Our therapies are based on science and research, are drug-free and safe, and can be the catalyst for a healthier you. We believe that obtaining optimal health should be available and affordable to everyone, provided by people with a true passion and dedication for healing and service, and delivered with kindness, warmth, and empathy.

Detoxing is the foundation for being healthy, and the key for living a longer, healthier life today. Your body is wired to heal and be healthy, you just have to find a way to let it. Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) and Infrared Sauna both have extraordinary healing and detoxing abilities with respiratory health, heart health, immune health, cell health, mental health, and more.