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BodyBar Pilates - Alpharetta



About Us

BODYBAR Pilates - Alpharetta offers Pilates-inspired high-intensity classes using the Allegro II Reformer. Unlike traditional Pilates, BODYBAR Pilates uses quick-bursts to intensify the results. Our goal is to stimulate cardiovascular engagement while fatiguing each muscle group one at a time. We then use proven Pilates movements and holds to build strong, lean muscle. This workout burns stored-fat, builds core strength, and elongates muscle fibers leaving you strong, toned, and lean. Beyond your toned abs, your body will be transformed from the inside out. Can you say body goals?!

BODYBAR Pilates will challenge all of your major muscle groups and provide you with a full-body workout. Instruction is limited to 14 participants per class in order to provide quality training and guidance.